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SAMP-T Convergence between Turkey and France

SAMP-T Convergence between Turkey and France

State-affiliated Anadolu News Agency published news pointing to the improvement in relations between Turkey and France. Based on the Ministry of Defence sources, it is learned that studies were carried out on the joint production of SAMP-T between the two countries.

Stating that it is natural for the work on SAMP-T to continue from where it left off, the sources drew attention to Turkey's need for an air defence system.

Noting that, in addition to production with national resources, the works on this subject continue within the scope of supply principles, the sources said, "Our work in the coming period will continue to focus on an appropriate and beneficial solution for the rights, interests and interests of our country. Studies and negotiations are progressing in this direction."

When asked about the meeting held by the military delegations of France and Turkey, the sources said, "In the meetings, both current developments and bilateral relations were discussed in detail. Opinions were exchanged on what kind of work can be done together in the coming period."