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Saudi Wahaj Integrates Akrab RCWS on THeMIS UGV

Saudi Wahaj Integrates Akrab RCWS on THeMIS UGV

Estonian THeMIS UGV has been put on display with Akrab dual RCWS that combines two types of weapons. The UGV has been fitted with various weapons such as 12.7 mm machine guns, M230LF 30x113 mm chain gun, and loitering munitions.

Akrab RCWS carries a 12.7x99 mm heavy machine gun and a 40 mm automatic grenade launcher at the same time. The sensors consist of a day camera and a LWIR camera right under the machine gun.

The position of electro-optical sensors right under the machine gun that can cause vibrations and emit heat from the barrel during shooting might affect the overall performance of the system.

The MIS UGV is widely used by EU member countries and Ukraine. The latter actively uses the UGV for MEDEVAC missions. The UGV is currently serving as a support element for the infantry in the form of logistics and fire support. Future configurations include anti-tank with ATGMs, C-UAS with a laser weapon, and recon with a UAV.