Serbia Receives Chinese HQ-17AE Air Defence System

Serbia Receives Chinese HQ-17AE Air Defence System Photo credit Peter Voinovich @X

Serbia received the HQ-17AE surface-to-air missile (SAM) system from China’s state-owned CASIC Corporation, which would intercept low and medium altitude targets. The HQ-17AE, built by the state-owned Second Academy of China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation (CASIC), is a 6x6 military vehicle platform designed to defend against low-flying fixed-wing aircraft, helicopters, UAVs, cruise missiles, guided bombs, and missiles. Its major features include quick deployment capabilities, high-precision tracking, and interception accuracy. Its radar system allows for quick target acquisition and engagement. 

The HQ-17AE system can operate independently or as part of a larger air defence network, offering a range of operating techniques. Each HQ-17AE vehicle is equipped with two sets of four missile tubes, allowing for a total of eight missiles. A specialized Shaanxi SX2306 truck ensures a smooth reloading process. With a crane that can reload four missiles simultaneously, the system is designed for quick and efficient operation. 

The HQ-17 missile, a key component of the system, is similar to Almaz-Antey Concern’s Tor-M1. It weighs approximately 165 kg and measures about 2.9 m in length and 23 cm in diameter. With a shooting range of 1.5 km to 15 km and the ability to reach an altitude of  between 10 m and 10 km, the missile is a potent weapon. Its guidance system, which employs semi-active radar homing, is aided by a homing radar, television sight, or thermal sight aboard the launch vehicle, ensuring accurate targeting.