Turkish-Pakistani Cooperation on Wind Tunnel

Turkish-Pakistani Cooperation on Wind Tunnel

Pakistani state-owned defence conglomerate Global Industrial & Defence Solutions (GIDS) and Turkish Aerospace (TUSAŞ) signed an agreement regarding Wind Tunnel Testing facilities. GIDS will provide Pakistan’s expertise to TUSAŞ.

TurDef has asked for further information about the capacity of the wind tunnel to Pakistani authorities, but no detailed information was revealed.

Turkiye currently has one already established subsonic wind tunnel in Ankara. TUSAŞ invests in a new one at the company’s Kazan facilities. It will be a subsonic wind tunnel as well. 

Regarding Pakistan, there are many wind tunnels. The Institute of Space Technologies, Islamabad, has both Subsonic and Super Sonic wind tunnel testing facilities. Some facilities are not designed for air platforms but the munition and missiles that will be airborne to study lifting and drag forces.

The supersonic wind tunnel can produce airflow between the range of 1.6 to 3.75 Mach.

GIDS also exhibited a model of the wind tunnel at IDEF.