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An amendment regarding JEMUS is signed between ASELSAN and SSB

An amendment regarding JEMUS is signed between ASELSAN and SSB

ASELSAN announced the Public Disclosure Platform (KAP) to inform that an amendment regarding the Jandarma Entegre Muhabere ve Bilgi Sistemi (JEMUS) 5 City Project has been signed between ASELSAN and Presidency of Defence Industries, valuing USD 62.850.000,- and TL 896.800.000,- on 31.12.2021.Within the context of this agreement, the deliveries will be made between the years 2023-2026.

JEMUS provides encrypted radio communication to the security forces to track vehicles, recognise license plates. All security forces gained the opportunity to perform many operations simultaneously, such as to inquire a person with an identification number and vehicle inquiry with a license plate number. The project, supported by advanced technology products, can be used in public order services and military operations and in responding to natural disasters and social events.

The established system provides significant convenience in communication with its wide coverage area. With the help of the messaging system, messages can be exchanged up to the motor patrol level, including 'secret' confidential massages. The system provides service from 25 repeater centres established throughout the province. In case of interruption of the mains electricity, uninterrupted communication can be maintained for 20 days through its power sources.