ASELSAN Delievers First ASELFLIR-400 EO Systems

ASELSAN Delievers First ASELFLIR-400 EO Systems

ASELSAN CEO Akyol shared the company’s practices for 2023, what he called the “Z report”. 

ASELFLIR-400, developed for helicopters, is one of ASELSAN’s most recent electro-optic systems. A contract signed to modernise the AB-412 helicopters of the Turkish Coast Guard includes the integration of ASELFLIR-400. ASELFLIR-410, a derivative of ASELFLIR-400, will be integrated into the FNSS KAPLAN STA weapon carrier platform in a mast-mounted configuration in place of the foreign system. Platforms like the T625 GÖKBEY utility helicopter and the T129 ATAK attack helicopter are expected to follow.

ASELFLIR-400, weighing 57 kg, incorporates three types of cameras: HD Day Camera with 1920x1080 resolution, Thermal Camera with 1024x768 resolution, and SWIR Camera with 640x512 resolution. In addition to cameras, a laser rangefinder exists with a range of 30 km and an option for a laser designator with the same range.

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ASELSAN is developing other new electro-optical systems such as ASELFLIR-500, regarded as a successor to CATS used on Bayraktar TB2 UCAVs featuring significant improvements in resolution, the larger ASELFLIR-600 with higher performance intended for larger UCAVs such as AKINCI and AKSUNGUR, and TOYGUN EOTS (Electro-Optical Targeting System) for KIZILELMA unmanned combat aircraft and KAAN fighter jet.

According to Akyol’s shares, these are the remaining part of the “Z Report”;

ASELSAN, Turkiye’s most crucial defence industry business, rose from 49th to 47th among the “World’s 100 largest defence industry corporations” published this year by Defence News.

ASELSAN’s revenue increased substantially during the year, reaching TL 32.1 billion, an increase of 81 per cent over the previous year.

In terms of manufacturing and delivery, the following changes occurred:

ASELSAN systems were installed on the fighter aircraft KAAN, the TCG-ANADOLU Multi-Purpose Amphibious Assault Ship, and the PRRES Submarine.

ASELSAN delivered the first shipment of upgraded mortars.

ASELSAN’s new generation fire control system was installed into FIRTINA Howitzers.

The serial production of ASELPOD Targeting Pods has ended.


The output of the CATS Reconnaissance and Surveillance Electro-Optical Camera has risen, with the 177th CATS camera supplied this year.

The National Combat Aircraft Communication Subsystem (ICNI) prototype design has been completed and delivered.

The Turkish Armed Forces’ inventory was refreshed in 2023, and several modernisations were carried out. ASELSAN played an essential role in the development of these goods.

These are the ASELSAN’s products that entered the inventory this year:

SERHAT-Dual Radar, effective against mortars, artillery, rockets and mini-micro UAVs, was brought into inventory for the first time.

YENER-Ground Penetrating Radar for Mine and IED Detection System was delivered to the Turkish Army for the first time.

The first deliveries of the DORUK-2 Electro-Optical Sensor System were realised.

CENK three-dimensional search radar, AKREP fire control radar and ALPER-P radar were delivered for the first time, along with the CENK three-dimensional search radar used on TCG-ISTANBUL, Turkiye’s first frigate developed with domestic facilities.

The GÖZDE Guidance Kit, which increases the precision strike capability of Turkish Air Force elements, was delivered for the first time.

The PİRİ-100 Infrared Search and Tracking System, first used on the TCG-ANADOLU Multi-Purpose Amphibious Assault Ship, was delivered for the first time.

The first delivery of the GÖKDENİZ Air Defence System was completed.

The strike capability of Turkish Main Battle Tanks was taken to the next level with the national Fire Control System VOLKAN-II, which was delivered for the first time this year.

This year was also a great stepping stone for the Turkish defence industry, and the significant developments in 2023 will be reflected in the domestic defence industry in 2024, with ASELSAN’s signature on many systems that have left their mark on the Turkish defence industry.

The crucial developments in 2023 were as follows:

SİPER, the High Altitude Air Defence System developed by Turkiye with indigenous capabilities, entered the mass production phase.

SİPER-Product 2 fired its first shot.


ASELSAN developed the ASELFLIR-500, an electro-optical system considered the best in its field worldwide, and started the mass production phase.

ASELSAN MURAD AESA Nose Radar was integrated into Bayraktar AKINCI and jet aircraft.

The AKKOR Active Protection System developed by ASELSAN for the ALTAY Main Battle Tank was made ready for duty.

The first missile was fired from the indigenously developed MARLIN Armed Unmanned Naval Vehicle.

The target was successfully hit in the test carried out with the ALBATROS Kamikaze Unmanned Naval Vehicle.

GÜRZ, GÖKSUR, GÖKDEMİR and GÖKBERK were added to the Air Defence System family developed by ASELSAN.

The first prototype production of the TULGAR Helmet Integrated Vision System was completed, which will be the eye in the air for the KAAN pilots.

ASELSAN’s international success for 2023 are:

ASELSAN, which produced the first quantum integrated circuits in the past days, also achieved export success in the ELMAS screen, which was developed locally and integrated into ATAK helicopters.

In 2023, a total of 107 products were nationalised by ASELSAN, and in this way, gains were made from the expenditures that will occur in the coming years.

In addition, ASELSAN exported to four countries for the first time this year, bringing the total number of export countries to 85.

ASELSAN signed export contracts for the first time for 16 new products developed by ASELSAN.

The HAKİM Air Command Control System was exported to Azerbaijan, marking the first international delivery of the HAKİM Air Command Control System.