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ASELSAN Introduced Aslan at Ağrı Province

ASELSAN Introduced Aslan at Ağrı Province

Ağrı Governor Mustafa Koç and 3rd Army Commander Lieutenant General Veli Tarakçı attended ASELSAN's product launch. The developed unmanned ground vehicle Aslan has features such as surveillance and reconnaissance, remote control and the ability to integrate many military equipment.

ASELSAN’s ASLAN has a SARP-L Weapon System, AVAZ Long Range Acoustic System, and Roketsan’s Laser Guided Mini Missile System.

AVAZ is a high-performance system providing directional acoustic broadcasting and voice message transmission over long distances. AVAZ is used to intervene in social events as a non-lethal weapon. The system has the ability to produce  153 dB narrow beam acoustic broadcasting up to a distance of 1,250 meters.