Ukraine Deploys T-64 MBTs in the Battlefield Against Russia

Ukraine Deploys T-64 MBTs in the Battlefield Against Russia

The Ukrainian Armed Forces have begun to activate T-64 Main Battle Tanks from its weapons storage warehouse. The T-64 was originally produced between 1963 and 1987 by the Malyshev Factory in Kharkiv for use by the Soviet Union Armed Forces. After the Soviet Union disbanded in December 1991, the newly formed Ukrainian Armed Forces received at least 3,000 T-64 tanks. 

Some of these tanks were then modernized in 2017, given the code T-64BV, which features advanced armour, fire control systems, and better night combat equipment. The tank is followed by T-72 MBTs, which are less preferred than T-64s. The main weapon is a 125 mm calibre cannon with an automatic charging system. The tank only needs to be manned by three people. This tank renewal is not only carried out domestically; it is also carried out or receives assistance from neighbouring countries, especially Poland and possibly the Czech Republic.

 In October 2023, the Ukrainian Armed Forces formed the 150th Mechanized Brigade, which was reinforced with T-64BV tanks. The T-64BV has proven adaptable and remains a core component of Ukraine's armoured forces.