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ASFAT Launches Arpan 8X8 Self-Propelled Howitzer 155 mm

ASFAT Launches Arpan 8X8 Self-Propelled Howitzer 155 mm

Defence Ministry company ASFAT Inc exhibited a model of Arpan 8X8 Self-Propelled Howitzer at IDEF, which is developed with other Turkish defence companies, namely ASELSAN, MKE and BMC. Within the project's scope, 8×8 tactical wheeled vehicles designed by BMC for Panther howitzers were used as carrier platforms. A "Tactical Wheeled Vehicle Contract" was signed between ASFAT and BMC within the scope of the T-155 Panther Howitzer Modernisation Project. ASELSAN, on the other hand, developed fire control units. 

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The Arpan 8X8 SPH is 13 metres long, 3.4 metres tall, and 3.2 metres wide. It can cross 1.5-wide trenches. Its combat weight varies between 32 to 38 tons according to the configuration. The SPH is equipped with a 155 mm howitzer mounted on the rear of the 8X8 truck. The truck is equipped with a 600 hp diesel engine capable of driving vehicles up to speeds of 80 km/h and an operating range of around 600 km. Arpan 8X8 SPH is operated by three to five personnel. The armoured cabin offers Level 3 and Level 2 ballistic protection against mine explosions or Improvised Explosives (IEDs). The 155/52 calibre howitzer is compatible with all NATO 155mm ammunition. The M107 (HE) has a range of 18 km, while M549A1 (HE) reaches 30 km, and MOD 274 the shell reaches 40 km.

During its military operation, the truck will have 24 rounds of ammunition available to it. It can fire the first round in 30 seconds, and its rate of fire is six fires per minute. The Arpan 8X8 SPH uses a fire control system with a ballistic computer integrated with the vehicle command and control system, ensuring effective coordination at all levels. The SPH is also equipped with a 7.62mm gun for self-defence. The ARPAN-155 model was exhibited for the first time at the IDEAS Fair held in Pakistan. Land Forces tested Arpan in 2023. The delivery of Arpan to the Land Forces is expected to begin in the coming days.