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Australian Debut of Rheinmetall's Lynx KF41 Combat Support

 Australian Debut of Rheinmetall's Lynx KF41 Combat Support

The Lynx CSV, according to Rheinmetall Managing Director Gary Stewart, is the "most advanced and capable armoured vehicle ever developed and manufactured in Australia," and is based on a variant of the Lynx KF41 Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV).

Rheinmetall and the Lynx Combat Support Vehicle have received the Made in Australia accreditation from Australia Made Campaign Limited (AMCL). "With the CSV, soldiers may do recovery, repair, manoeuvre support, and support logistics utilising a vehicle comparable to the current Lynx IFV," Stewart explained.

Stewart stated that the Lynx CSV had more on-board fuel capacity to support refuelling other vehicles in the field; a rooftop-mounted crane capable of lifting more than 5 tonnes, allowing it to pull other vehicles; an interchangeable power pack; and excavation attachments such as a clamshell bucket and rock breaker. "The Lynx CSV will be positioned for export from Australia to partner armed services," Stewart stated. The vehicle has flat-bed rear cargo deck, winch, dozer blade. It has digital camouflage for known for combats at residential areas.

 Australian Debut of Rheinmetall