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Biden requests $715B for Pentagon

Biden requests $715B for Pentagon

The request rolled out Friday. The proposal would also end the off-budget funding pool known as overseas contingency operations or OCO.

The budget identifies China as the “top challenge” and calls out the need to “leverage” the Pacific Deterrence Initiative. The budget documents emphasize shipbuilding. The budget document proposes “executable and responsible investments” in the fleet, including “the recapitalization of the Nation’s strategic ballistic missile submarine fleet, and invests in remotely operated and autonomous systems and the next-generation attack submarine program.”

Throughout the document, there is a focus on research and development for new technologies across the government. The DoD is no exception. Paying for R&D and new capabilities requires cuts elsewhere, something previewed in the Biden administration’s early strategic guidance.

Budgets are traditionally released in February, but a delay is expected for a new administration’s first budget request. A more detailed budget is expected in May or June.