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FNSS Continues Delivering KAPLAN and PARS to Turkish Armed Forces

FNSS Continues Delivering KAPLAN and PARS to Turkish Armed Forces

Kaplan Antı-Tank

The KAPLAN ANTI-TANK is a new generation armoured fighting vehicle that has the ability to move together with main battle tanks, taking a 21 Hp/ton power-to-weight ratio.

FNSS Continues Delivering KAPLAN and PARS to Turkish Armed Forces

KAPLAN ANTI-TANK has a low silhouette, and has the ability to operate at high speed, not only on asphalt but also on soft soil, or muddy and rough terrains under all weather conditions.

The advanced suspension track system is designed to reduce vibrations and improve road holding.

Thanks to the two water propulsion systems located at the rear of the vehicle, KAPLAN ANTI-TANK can perform in deep and fast flowing waters. In addition to this, the driver is able to enter the water without prior preparation.

The hull of KAPLAN ANTI-TANK is manufactured and integrated using a ballistic welding technique. While the power pack cabin and the expanded driver area is located at the front of the vehicle, the gunner and the commander areas are located in the middle of the vehicle. The rear part includes the gunner’s aid and additional crew sections.

There are also laser-protected glass periscopes that allow the driver to see outside with a wide angle of view, providing a high situational awareness. Integrated night vision systems are standard in all variants

Mission specific features

Anti-Tank Concept

Mechanized Armoured Infantry

Special Mission Operations

Pars 4x4 Anti-Tank

The PARS 4X4 has been designed to undertake special operational roles such as advanced surveillance, antitank and command and control.

FNSS Continues Delivering KAPLAN and PARS to Turkish Armed Forces

The PARS 4X4 has a power-to-weight ratio of 25 Hp/ton, a low silhouette and amphibious capabilities. The vehicle with its crew of 4 can operate in deep and fast flowing water without any preliminary preparation. Two propellers located at the rear provide the vehicle’s enhanced manoeuvrability in the water.

The PARS 4X4 can operate on any rough terrain with a low centre of gravity, fully independent suspension system, ABS-assisted hydraulic disc brakes, low ground pressure and increased angles of approach and departure. The PARS 4X4 can climb vertical slopes of 70%, and can hold on horizontal slopes of 40%. It can also pass over 40 cm vertical obstacles with ease. Thanks to the hydraulic recovery winch, located at the front of the vehicle, it has the ability to provide self-recovery when required.

The mobility of the PARS 4X4 is enhanced by its central tire inflation system, and it also has a run flat capability thanks to its in-tire solid disc system. The PARS 4X4 has a maximum speed of 110 km/h on asphalt and a range of 700 km, as well as an automatic transmission with an axle lock for use on slippery surfaces and soft soil.

The driver"s cabin features a transparent ballistic armour which offers a wide field of view for both the driver and the crew. The PARS 4X4 also provides the driver and the commander with integrated night and day vision cameras that enable operations in night drives with or without using blackout lights. The command and warning panels and the height-adjustable mine-protected seats have been specifically developed for the commander, driver, gunner and dismounts.

The vehicle is made of a ballistic hull, which provides protection against mines and improvised explosives (IED).

The PARS 4X4 can be transported using any kind of military transport aircraft including the CH-47 Chinook heavy load helicopter.

In order to reduce operating costs, many parts have been designed to have the same life-expectancy as the vehicle. Thanks to its power pack, which can be removed and installed quickly on the field, the vehicle offers ease of maintenance and logistic support.

Omtas Medium Range Anti-Tank Weapon System

OMTAS is a medium range anti-tank weapon system, effective against armoured threats on the battlefield. Its Imaging Infrared Seeker permits its use at day and night, and in adverse weather conditions. The OMTAS Weapon System is composed of a missile, launching platform and a fire control unit, carrying cases and training simulator.

FNSS Continues Delivering KAPLAN and PARS to Turkish Armed Forces

The RF data link between the launcher and missile provides operational flexibility to the user. The missile can be used in fire-and forget or fire-and-update mode. The hitting point on the target can also be updated during flight.

With precision guidance and its armour piercing tandem warhead, OMTAS ensures effectivity against armoured threats.

System Specifications

• Day-Night and All-Weather Operational Capabilities

• Effective Against Stationary and Moving Targets

• Capability of Target Update Enables:

– Update of Aim Point on the Target

– Switching Targets During Flight

– Fire Behind Mask

• Insensitive Munition Characteristics Against Fuel Fire and Bullet Impact

• Fire to the Target Coordinate

• Classroom and Embedded Simulators

• Modular Launching System

• TV/Thermal Camera Unit That Can Be Used Separately


OMTAS can be used from its own tripod or integrated onto land platforms with open or closed turrets.

Technical Specifications

Diameter160 mm

Length1.8 m

Weight35 kg (Missile + Launch Tube)

36 kg (Tripod Platform)

Range 200 – 4,000 m

SeekerImaging Infrared, Uncooled Type

Warhead TypeTandem Against Reactive Armour

High Explosive Blast Fragmentation

Attack ModesDirect and Top Attacks

Operating ModesFire-and-Forget


Sight UnitTV/Thermal Camera