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FNSS PARS X 8x8 AFV Breaks Cover

FNSS PARS X 8x8 AFV Breaks Cover

The new vehicle has noticeable design changes compared to its predecessor, PARS IV; the most prominent feature is the more extended front section and adjusted driver position. 
This, coupled with an exhaust panel on the front, hints at the engine being moved to the front. Predecessors of PARS X, PARS IV, and PARS III armoured vehicles are known to have their engines close to the midsection. 

FNSS Burç vehicle.jpg
Alongside PARS X, BURÇ MHSS (Mobile Air Defence System/MADS), jointly developed with ROKETSAN, based on PARS SCOUT (Locally named İZCİ) 8x8 AFV was also exhibited. BURÇ’s armament comprises a three-barrelled 20 mm Gatling gun and 8 SUNGUR short-range air defence missiles. The sensor package includes four METEKSAN’s RETİNAR AESA radars to provide 360-degree coverage and an electro-optical system.

FNSS Burç.jpg