Greece May Freeze or Cancel MEKO200HN Modernisation

Greece May Freeze or Cancel MEKO200HN Modernisation

The Hellenic Navy might freeze the MEKO200HN modernisation program, which could result in its cancellation as a whole. According to the Greek website Navaldefence's exclusive report, the MEKO200HN modernisation program, despite having all legislative procedures resolved, is at risk of cancellation. 

The Greek side's decision to prevent the Thales-TKMS joint venture from coming to Greece as planned just before the final round of negotiations with the General Directorate for Defence Investments and Armaments (GDDIA). The publication states that this ambiguity raises questions about a potential change in attitude and the program's future The publication underscores a substantial increase in the program's cost, from the 605 million euros estimated in 2022 to a staggering 800 million, including the modernisation program of the Mk45 main gun. This rise in cost puts a significant financial strain on the Hellenic Navy and the country. 

Greece has four Hydra Class MEKO200HN vessels. The first vessel was constructed in Germany, while the remaining three were built locally. In April 2018, the then-Greek Defence Minister Panos Kammenos announced that the modernisation of the four vessels was in progress. The Greek Parliament approved the modernisation program in April 2023. 

In comparison, Turkiye has Meko-200 vessels in Barbaros and Yavuz Class. Turkiye exercised a mid-life upgrade to a Barbaros-class TCG OruçReis (F245) frigate, which is currently at sea trials before re-entering service.