HAVELSAN Will Take Military Simulation to The Next Level with “Unreal Engine”

HAVELSAN Will Take Military Simulation to The Next Level with “Unreal Engine”

This technology is used in military decision-making simulations. The game engine produces detailed simulations that cannot be distinguished from real life, and its visual values are suitable for the physical flow of daily life. These products will take place in HAVELSAN’s simulations.


HAVELSAN, which has implemented the Malazgirt (Manzikert) Serious Game Infrastructure Project for serious game technology, has taken its recent work to a new level. Epic Games has drawn attention as one of the essential companies leading the world video game industry for years with the game engine technology it has developed.


Sectors such as simulation, metaverse, architecture, and cinema can use game technologies, but Unreal Engine technology has opened up many different disciplines by developing this technology. Epic Games has created a portal by bringing together several companies with expertise in their field.

Companies accepted to communicate with each other and have the chance to support/partner projects developed in their fields worldwide.


With this partnership and its inclusion on the official service partner portal of Epic Games, HAVELSAN also had the opportunity to promote its work and its services on simulation projects specific to the regions it has undertaken on a new platform.


HAVELSAN General Manager Mehmet Akif Nacar said that they had completed the first phase of the Malazgirt Project within the scope of their work in serious games, and they will start the second phase.


Pointing out the importance of presenting realistic images, the outside world and the physical effects as accurate in simulators and war games, Nacar stated that the essence of serious games increases when it is made a tool to be used in modelling the battlefield. Nacar said, “What does this mean? It is an area where all kinds of external environments, from streams to hills, bridges to roads, trees to plants, wind to snow, rain to hail, are modelled as if they were real.”

They explained that they started to use the Unreal Engine technology, which has become the most developed game engine in this field, with the Malagirt Project. Nacar stated that they signed an agreement with Epic Games later.


Stating that they will open the Malagirt Project as open source after completing the second phase, they will make it available to game developers, Nacar said:


“You can produce valuable values in open source and make them licensed. For example, one can model all platforms such as Atak, Hürkuş, Hürjet, Anka, Bayraktar TB2, Aksungur, Akıncı, MİLGEM, LHD and turn these models into intelligent units supported by artificial intelligence. In other words, by supporting them with a game engine, one can see what kind of 3D image they produce in the real environment, in the war environment, how they interact, together with the effects of the outside world, and their educational benefits. We know that it is a company with a wide ecosystem, and we want to ensure that the domestic-national platforms developed in our country develop in terms of games by turning more towards areas such as casual games, serious games, and war games.”