Turkish and Pakistani MİLGEM Corvettes Conduct Exercises

Turkish and Pakistani MİLGEM Corvettes Conduct Exercises

Turkish MoD has shared that during the TURGUTREİS-9 naval exercise, MİLGEM corvettes TCG Heybeliada (F-511) and PNS Babur (F-280). TURGUTREİS-9 exercise is the first time two MİLGEMs from different navies have jointly performed an exercise. TCG Heybeliada and PNS Babur are among the earliest ships of the MİLGEM programme.

TCG Heybeliada is the lead ship of Ada-class corvettes, the first phase of the MİLGEM programme. TCG Heybeliada, like other class ships, is oriented toward anti-submarine warfare. The ships are armed with a 76/62 mm naval gun, Mk49 RAM PDMS, eight ATMACA or RGM-84 Harpoon AShMs, and lightweight torpedoes. Ada-class corvettes are followed by I-class frigates, with eight ships to be built in total. PNS Babur is the first of ASFAT’s PN-MİLGEM or Babur-class corvettes of four ships, specifically modified to meet the needs of the Pakistani Navy.

Compared to Ada-class corvettes, Babur-class corvettes are longer and have more emphasis on anti-surface warfare and air defence capabilities. The air defence weaponry consists of GÖKDENİZ-230/35 CIWS and 12 CAMM-ER medium-range air defence missiles. The anti-surface warfare load is unique, with six locally-developed P-282 anti-ship ballistic missiles that can strike land and sea targets. Another deal for MİLGEM was recently inked with Malaysia within the scope of the LMS Batch II programme with STM to build three ships. 

The ships are similar to Ada-class in terms of design with the changes of CENK-400N AESA search radar (used TCG İstanbul F515 frigate) and four VLS cells with quad-pack air defence missiles.