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India Tests Light Tank Combat Zorawar

India Tests Light Tank Combat Zorawar

According to an "India Today" report, the tests will be done in desert and high-altitude areas. Zorawar is designed for operations in high-altitude areas on the eastern Ladakh China's borders to combat Chinese  ZTQ 105 type 15 lightweight tanks. The tank is named after General Zorawar Singh Kahluria, who led the 1841 Military Expedition during the Sino-Sikh War. It has a combat weight of about 25 tons and requires a crew of three. The main gun is of 105mm calibre. The design and development started in 2022, and according to the current planning, its production is expected to start in 2024 or 2025. India has expressed interest in acquiring 350 Zorawar in the first phase.

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The capabilities of the new light tank will also be enhanced by artificial intelligence, integration with swarm drones for increased situational awareness, loitering ammunition for high lethality, and an active protection system.