Israel has Called up 300,000 Reserve Troops

Israel has Called up 300,000 Reserve Troops

Al-Monitor reported that Israeli troops have blockaded some Palestinian territories, cutting off their access to electricity, water and fuel. Dozens of ground combat vehicles have reportedly been deployed towards the border. 

At least, Israeli Air Force (IAF) fighter jets have launched 2,000 munitions from the air with a total weight of more than 1,000 tons as of Monday morning. A total of 1,200 Hamas targets have been destroyed, according to a report by an Israel Defence Forces (IDF) spokesperson.

Hamas militants fired over 3,000 rockets on Saturday at Israel, especially Tel Aviv.

Hamas, which breached the Gaza Strip's border fortifications, was also reported to have taken 100 Israelis hostage and brought them to the Gaza Strip.

Israel carried out the massive retaliatory attack on the orders of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who vowed to level the Gaza Strip and create a "New Middle East".