Israel takes delivery of the last two Sa'ar 6 corvettes

Israel takes delivery of the last two Sa'ar 6 corvettes
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With this delivery, Germany completed the contract series of four corvettes. The firm has delivered the ships in the last 1.5 years. A contract worth $450 million was signed in 2015 to construct the Sa'ar 6 class corvette.

Four ships were built in cooperation with Thyssenkrupp Marine Systems and Kiel Shipyard. The ships' design is loosely based on the German Braunschweig-class corvette, but with engineering, changes to accommodate Israeli-built sensors and missiles such as the Barak 8 and the naval Iron Dome system. Elbit Systems has been awarded the contract to design and build electronic warfare (EW) suites.

The Sa'ar 6 class corvettes, which are expected to form the backbone of the Israeli Navy for the next 30 years, stand out with their air defence warfare oriented designs.

C-Dome point air defence system, which includes 16 to 32 Barak 8 long-range air defence missiles for air defence warfare and 20 Tamir missiles, which are also used in Iron Dome; 1 x Oto Melara 76 mm naval gun, two 25 mm Rafael Typhoon remote-controlled weapon station and 16 x Gabriel V anti-ship missiles; the ship has two 324 mm torpedo launchers. The 1,900 tons, 90 meters-long ships have the stealthy design of a low-signature missile corvette with tailor-made solutions and numerous new technologies onboard.