Israel Tests All-in-One SPYDER AD System

Israel Tests All-in-One SPYDER AD System

SPYDER’s new all-in-one variant based on an 8x8 chassis adds four fixed radar arrays and an electro-optical system on a retractable mast to allow one system to work independently. A launcher unit holding up to eight missiles is common with the baseline SPYDER. Firing tests of the new SPYDER variant were conducted, with the system hitting a UAV target with a Python-5 missile.

All-in-One SPYDER can use I-DERBY-SR and I-DERBY-ER RF-guided missiles and Python-5 IIR/EO-guided missiles. Maximum range and altitudes for the missiles are listed as:

  • I-DERBY-SR: 25 km maximum range, 9 km maximum altitude
  • I-DERBY-ER: 40 km maximum range, 12 km maximum altitude
  • Python-5: 20 km maximum range, 6 km maximum altitude


The system can transition from mobility to combat readiness in three minutes. The fire control system updates the missiles with onboard radar and electro-optical system data and can guide four missiles at once.

A combined system brings the luxury of operating on its own or part of a battery. Air defence systems with their own acquisition capabilities can be especially useful for rapid deployment scenarios thanks to minimal time and the number of units required.