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KAPLAN STA Anti-tank Vehicles are Delivered to TAF

KAPLAN STA Anti-tank Vehicles are Delivered to TAF

The President of Defence Industries (SSB) Professor Ismail Demir, stated that FNSS production KAPLAN STA vehicles are delivered to the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF). President Demir did not specify how many vehicles were delivered. KAPLAN STA is a new generation of armoured combat fighting vehicles that can move together with main battle tanks.

KAPLAN STA is the name that SSB uses. The manufacturer calls vehicles KAPLAN-10. According to its manufacturer, KAPLAN-10’s compact silhouette is combined with an advanced suspension system that allows it to manoeuvre at high speeds in various terrains and weather conditions.

The hull of KAPLAN-10 is manufactured and integrated using a ballistic welding technique. The power pack and driver are located in the vehicle’s front, while the commander and gunner are situated in the centre.

The gunner's assistance and extra crew sections are located in the rear portion. There are also laser-protected glass periscopes that allow the driver to look outside with a wide angle of vision, allowing for increased situational awareness. All variations come equipped with integrated night vision equipment.