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Katmerciler shook hands for the 91.4 Million Dollars of HIZIR Sale to Kenya

Katmerciler shook hands for the 91.4 Million Dollars of HIZIR Sale to Kenya
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Izmir based land vehicle manufacturers Katmerciler has reached an agreement with Kenya Defence Ministry. The company made the most suitable offer in the armoured vehicle purchase tender held in line with Kenya’s military requirements and signed a contract with the Kenyan Ministry of Defence.

The acquisition package consists of 118 vehicles of HIZIR and its derivatives and spare parts and maintenance with a total value of 91 million 415 thousand 182 US dollars. Katmerciler will start delivering in 2022 and complete in 2023. The agreement is Katmerciler’s highest export agreement in a single item.HIZIR is a vehicle developed according to NATO standards, providing high protection against mines and Improvised Explosive Devices, ballistically reinforced, capable of operating in residential and rural areas in different climatic and terrain conditions.Katmerciler had announced the export of a 40 million Euro defence vehicle package, which was made to another African country earlier this year.Furkan Katmerci, Deputy Chairman of the Executive Board of Katmerciler, said the export of defence vehicles requires long-term investment. The success of Kenya is the product of a two-year effort. Katmerci said, “We aim to contribute to our country’s exports and to move forward confidently on the path of stable, sustainable, healthy and profitable growth with the support of our export successes as a company” and added, “Consecutive export successes are a great source of morale for us. We are proud of both our company and our country. In 2020, we exported 273 million liras. The share of our export revenues in our total revenues reached 78 per cent. We aim for more exports and more income in the coming years.”