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Medium Range Hisar O RF Missile Passes Critical Tests

Medium Range Hisar O RF Missile Passes Critical Tests

President of Defence Industry Agency (SSB) Professor Haluk Görgün stated that ASELSAN and Roketsan’s joint product medium-range air defence missile system Hisar O+  passed a critical stage. The missile was tested against targets at near range, flying at low altitude at high speed and long-range high altitude high speed. Both targets simulating aggressor were intercepted. The Hisar O+ was vertically launched, providing 360-degree coverage at both tests.
The first target was intercepted with a hit-to-kill impact, while the second target at a long distance was intercepted with an RF proximity fuse indigenously developed. The use of proximity fuse opens new capabilities for air defence systems.

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SSB President Görgün said, “HİSAR O+, successfully intercepted targets at near and far ranges with its new RF Seeker Missile. With the HİSAR O+ System, which has gained a layered air and missile defence capability within its own structure, we are taking the tactical capability and firepower of our security forces to the highest level, pushing our limits, and launching our highly effective air defence products one by one. I want to thank ROKETSAN, ASELSAN, and all our subcontractors who contributed.”

HİSAR-O+ Air Defence Missile System was developed as an SSB project locally and nationally in cooperation with Aselsan-Roketsan. TÜBİTAK SAGE developed the warhead.
Hisar O+ is capable of operating in all weather conditions. It is effective against fixed and rotary-wing air platforms, air-to-ground missiles, cruise missiles and armed/unmanned aerial vehicles.