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MKE's Fırtına Blows Silently

MKE's Fırtına Blows Silently

The 155 calibre howitzer has an electric engine which enables it to move a 48.4-ton vehicle silently. As a demo, the howitzer moved almost two meters forward and backwards in the IDEF hall eight. No one, even other exhibitors in the same hall, noticed that an almost 50-tonne vehicle was moving next to them. The howitzer was moving very silent because it was placed on the sand. The engine was silently working as it is an electric one.

There are three different types of Fırtına howitzer. MKE has produced two types. One is produced back in 2009, and the other is produced recently in cooperation with ASFAT. The third howitzer is the product of BMC and is called the next generation.


Technical Specifications of Fırtına Howitzer

Engine TypeMT-881 Ka-500ELECTRIC 2P2S
Engine Power1.000 HP (735 KW)1.300 HP (1.000 kW)
Torque3,030 Nm10,000 Nm
Engine Speed2.320 rpm3.000 rpm
Engine Displacement18.2 Liters2.8 Liters (generator)
TransmissionAllison X1100-5 Automatic-
Number of Gears4 Forward, 2 Reverse1 Forward, 1 Reverse
Vehicle Weight47 Tons48.4 Tons
Top Speed65 km/h60 km/h (± 10km/h)
Acceleration0-30 km/h 7 seconds0-30 km/h 6 seconds
Side Slope40%40%
FuelDieselDiesel (generator)
Range (15km/h)500 km500 km (± 50km)
Range (Full Load)226 km300 km (± 30km)
Consumption (Full Load)161 Lt/h 32 litres100km 5.5 kW/km
Engine Weight1.400 Kg680 kg
Power/Weight Ratio21 HP/ton28 HP/ton
Battery Pack Capacity-357.12kWh (595.2Vdc)
Charge Time-4 hours
Generator Capacity-2x38kW
Fuel Tank1.500 Lt250 Lt
Maintenance Interval100 hours900 hours