Mysterious CIWS on Future Philipinean Frigate

Mysterious CIWS on Future Philipinean Frigate

Future Philipinean Frigate BRP Miguel Malvar's (FF-06) under construction in ROK, Ulsan, was spotted with a mysterious CIWS, most probably ASELSAN's GÖKDENİZ-100/35SA CIWS. The presence of ASELSAN's GÖKDENİZ-100/35SA CIWS on the BRP Miguel Malvar's (FF-06) frigate, currently under construction in ROK, Ulsan, is a significant development in the defence industry. Maxdefense FB shared the image of BRP Miguel Malvar. BRP Migel Malwar is based on HHI's HDC-3200 design. 

The ship was previously announced to receive an unspecified 35 mm CIWS. Currently, there are two operational 35 mm CIWS systems: Turkish GÖKDENİZ-100/35SA and German Oerlikon Millennium. When the picture is inspected closely, features like high profile and the presence of an FCR point out the Turkish-made CIWS despite the covering. Even though both CIWS operate similar weapons, Oerlikon Milennium's turret is strikingly lower in profile. 

The GÖKDENİZ-100/35SA is a CIWS solution developed from the KORKUT-230/35 SPAAG. It is armed with two 35 mm revolver cannons, boasting a combined fire rate of 1100 RPM, making it an effective defence system. The most important feature of GÖKDENİZ-100/35SA is its capability to fire ATOM air-burst ammunition, which is resistant to jamming thanks to pre-programming upon firing. ATOM rounds spread a cloud of metal projectiles when the fire control system detonates them within a pre-defined time. 

The air burst is particularly effective against small, agile targets like missiles and fast surface craft. The sensor suite of GÖKDENİZ consists of a fire control radar and EO/IR  by default, but MAR-D can be added as a search radar depending on customer requirement, as this is the case with Turkiye's Barbaros-class frigate MLU and I-class frigates. In BRP Miguel Malvar's case, the frigate is fitted with the fire control radar+EO/IR configuration, much like Turkmenistan's Dearsan C-92 corvettes.