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ROKETSAN’s MZK Turret Conducts Firing Tests

Roketsan M60 tank MZK

ROKETSAN announced the test results of a Modular Armoured Turret (MZK) fitted on an M60A3 main battle.ROKETSAN BKM developed MZK for the firepower modernisation of older main battle tanks, which is a culmination of indigenously produced weapons, armour, and sensors.

Compared to the default turret weighing 14.5 tonnes, the 13-tonne MZK offers less weight with improved protection. Additionally, MZK has an autoloader, while the former doesn’t.

According to information provided at ROKETSAN’s “Ballistic Protectıon Center Product Catalogue”, with its low and angled profile, the turret is protected by composite armour with explosive-reactive armour (ERA) on the sides. ROKETSAN’s ERA armour for MBTs has achieved 10 mm residual penetration from 125 mm HEAT rounds portable ATGMs and 88 mm residual penetration from a PG-7VR tandem HEAT warhead.

Even though the first application was on M60A3, the turret can also be used on German Leopard 1 and Russian T72 MBTs. ROKETSAN states that the MZK turret can be fitted with a 125 mm smoothbore gun for use on T72.

MZK’s integration on M60A3 is not only a contribution to the tanks in Turkish Army service but also an export opportunity for countries looking to improve firepower, situational awareness, and protection. The turret’s architecture, allowing for integration on M60A3, Leopard 1, and T72 tanks, further supports MZK’s export potential. All three tank models are widespread in Asia, South America, and Eastern Europe.