RST Unveils C-UAS System in SEDEC 2024

RST Unveils C-UAS System in SEDEC 2024 Photo By Kaan Azman

During the SEDEC 2024 event held in Turkiye, RST unveiled its combined C-UAS system design as a hard-kill solution. The system consists of DORUK 3D UAV detection radar, an EO/IR system, and a 20 mm Gatling gun. The firing tests are scheduled for August 2024. DORUK X-band radar can detect human, UAV, and helicopter targets with speeds between 0.2 and 100 m/s. Its rotational speed is 90 degrees per second, and it can track 200 targets simultaneously. The firepower of a 20 mm Gatling gun also allows the system to be used against better-protected helicopters and intruding ground threats. Turkiye has developed various hard-kill C-UAS solutions over the past few years. These include ASELSAN ŞAHİN with a 40 mm automatic grenade launcher firing ATOM airburst rounds, ROKETSAN’s laser and electromagnetic damage-based ALKA, and METEKSAN’s KAPAN with a laser weapon. These systems also have onboard radars, optics and jammers. CANiK intends to join the C-UAS field as well. The firm aims to introduce the VENOM LR 30x113 mm revolver cannon, which can fire proximity-fuse ammunition, as a potential C-UAS weapon. While not as effective as airburst ammunition in terms of creating a field of shrapnel, proximity-fuse ammunition is a cheaper and simpler option.