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Spain to Replace M113s for 2 Billion Euros

Spain to Replace M113s for 2 Billion Euros

The Defence Ministry initiated a contract valued at 1,953,719,008 euros to replace M113 armoured vehicles. The ministry will acquire 394 units in various configurations. The agreement will most likely be awarded to the Spanish consortium Tess Defence, made up of Santa Bárbara Sistemas, Sapa Placencia, Indra, and Escribano, which also works on the VCR 8×8 Dragón Armoured Fighting Vehicle program for Spain.

The VAC will be in combat and logistic support variants. 

The new vehicles will be based on the Ascod platform of Santa Bárbara Sistemas and will 

Spanish Army plans to gradually perform the transition from the M113 TOA to the future VAC over the next decade, concluding in 2035.  Spain is also sending some of the M113 vehicles to Ukraine.