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SSB Discloses New Indigenous Engine Projects

SSB Discloses New Indigenous Engine Projects

Turkish President of the Defence Industry Agency (SSB) Haluk Görgün has shared a video showing the indigenous engine projects for various platforms. The video includes integrated engines in the development phase.

It has been revealed that Kale’s KTJ-3700 turbojet engine is integrated into ROKETSAN’s KARA ATMACA land-attack cruise missile. A derivative of the ATMACA anti-ship missile, KARA ATMACA is launched from a truck to hit enemy bases, air defence systems, and facilities. KARA ATMACA has a new guidance system for land-attack use with terrain-referenced navigation, unlike standard ATMACA. The missile also weighs more, with a range of 280 km and a warhead of 250 kg.

On the projects under development side, TEI’s PD-222 turbodiesel engine will succeed PD-170 with its greater power output onboard ANKA, AKSUNGUR, and Bayraktar TB3 UCAVs. Additionally, the new BMC Power’s AZRA, AZRA GEN2, will be used on tank carrier trucks and 6x6/8x8 armoured vehicles.

BMC Power’s work for the near future isn’t limited to land vehicle engines. The company is also developing marine diesel engines for warships and USVs. First of these is the LEVEND diesel engine intended for ASELSAN/SEFİNE’s MARLIN AUSV. The more powerful MAVİ BATU (Likely based on the BATU engine for ALTAY MBT) will be used on MİLGEM warships and the upcoming SG600 coast guard vessels of STM.

(Infographic by Kaan Azman)

TÜMOSAN will also supply armoured vehicles and USVs with its diesel engines. The company is developing the X7 family of diesel engines for the Special Purpose Wheeled Tactical Armoured Vehicles (ÖMTTZA) project and ARES Shipyards’ ULAQ USV.

Future technologies like a hybrid power pack are also included. ASELSAN and BASE Studio are jointly developing a hybrid powerpack for future 8x8 armoured vehicles. The system was exhibited in IDEF’23 and TEKNOFEST 2023 İzmir.