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TEI Presents TF 6000 Engine Prototype at Teknofest

TEI Presents TF 6000 Engine Prototype at Teknofest

TEI started to work on an indigenous aircraft engine with TF 6000. The engine was intended to power up unmanned aerial systems such as the KIZILELMA ANKA-3. The engine lacked an afterburner and an engine with similar measures, but higher thrust reached high demand. TEI’s second project was TF 6000 with an afterburner. The new engine with wet systems is called TF 10000. In other words, it can be said that the TF 6 000 is the basic version of TF 10000. TEI hopes to power Turkish aircraft with this engine. 

TEI presented its TF 6000 engine prototype at Teknofest İzmir for the first time. The company has previously presented a mock-up or the parts and pieces from the engine. This time, the company presented the engine that would actually lay on the test bed. 

TEI General Manager F. Mahmut Akşit narrated upcoming tests and their engine family working on the TurDef YouTube Channel.