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Türkiye Offers ANKA UCAV to the Argentine Armed Forces

Türkiye Offers ANKA UCAV to the Argentine Armed Forces

TUSAŞ presented its product portfolio to Argentine Defence Minister Jorge Taiana and Chief of Staff of the military portfolio, Héctor Mazzei; the Secretary of International Affairs for Defence, Francisco Cafiero; the Undersecretary of Scientific Research and Industrial Policy for Defence, Roberto Adaro; and the Undersecretary of Operational Planning and Defence Logistics Service, Joaquín Labarta Liprandi. 

The ministry made a statement about the meeting and said, “The Minister of Defence, Jorge Taiana, held a meeting with the Turkish ambassador to Argentina, Süleyman Ömür Budak, and representatives of the TUSAŞ, to advance cooperation agreements in the field of defence between both nations.”

Minister of Defence, Jorge Taiana and Turkiye's ambassador Süleyman Ömür Budak

The ministry stated that, in this line, and considering the intention to develop a cooperation framework in the Defence industry that allows improving scientific and technical capabilities in the field of modern Defence systems, Minister Taiana and Ambassador Budak advanced the guidelines of a future Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) that allows industrial cooperation in the field of research and development of defence materials, natural disaster risk management, among other aspects.

TUSAŞ presented to the personnel of the three armed Forces, the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the Ministry of Defence, their air and space systems portfolio. 

TUSAŞ presented a specific proposal for the ANKA unmanned system. This dual-use platform is used for surveillance, combat operations, security, and emergencies. The proposal includes the possibility of productive cooperation agreements (also called offset) to integrate national industry developments.

TUSAŞ has recently established a joint venture with Argentinian technology company INVAP to develop communications satellites.