Turkey Opens a New Chapter with Israel And Egypt

Turkey Opens a New Chapter with Israel And Egypt

On his way back from Turkmenistan, President Erdoğan handled questions. The most recent developments with the United Arab Emirates (UAE) were mentioned. The possibility of a similar approach for Israel and Egypt was raised along with the possibility of appointing new ambassadors.

When asked about Turkey"s relations with Israel and Egypt, President Erdoğan stated that no ambassadors are appointed. "Some steps have been taken in some of the countries you mentioned, such as chargé d"affaires [were sent]." There is no ambassador, but there is a chargé d"affaires. We took these steps gradually over a set period of time. We will take similar steps with the others as we have with the UAE," he said.

Turkey-UAE relations have been tense for a long time. After Joe Biden was elected President of the United States, it began to change. Hulusi Akar, the Turkish defence minister, softened the country"s cultural and historical ties with Egypt. The UAE and Qatar, as well as Egypt and Libya, all met in 2021. Last week, UAE Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed al Nahyan paid a visit to Turkey.

Turkey Opens a New Chapter with Israel And Egypt

Ankara stated prior to Al Nahyan"s visit that it aimed to improve relations.

According to the Presidency"s Directorate of Communications, ten additional agreements were signed between the two countries following the tete-a-tete meeting between Erdoğan and al-Nahyan.