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Turkish Astronaut Gezeravcı to Conduct 13 Experiments in Space

Turkish Astronaut Gezeravcı to Conduct 13 Experiments in Space

Scientific and Technological Research Council of Türkiye (TÜBİTAK) announced the experiments that the Turkish space travellers will conduct in April. The F-16 Pilot Alper Gezeravcı and the System Engineer of ROKETSAN Tuva Cihangir Atasever are two travellers. This time, Gezeravcı will be in space at International Space Station (ISS) for two weeks. The experiments he will conduct mainly focus on the lack of gravity. 

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Experiments are listed as follows:

  • UYNA: Production of materials with high thermal resistance and strength, effects of no gravity condition on melting and solidifying processes.
  • gMETAL: Research of zero-gravity’s effect on making homogenous solid-liquid mixtures
  • UzMAn: Observing the effects of zero-gravity on microalgae growth.
  • EXTRAMOPHYTE: Observation of glycophytic and halophytic plants’ response to salt stress in microgravity.
  • METABOLOM: Research of the negative effects of space conditions on human health.
  • MİYELOİD: Observation of the space radiation’s effects on cancer and the human immune system
  • MESSAGE: Exploration of the genes and immune cells affected by zero-gravity.
  • ALGALSPACE: Comparison of the microalgae under space and Antarctica conditions and studies on the feasibility of using microalgae in space.
  • CRISPR-GEM: Increasing the efficiency of CRISPR gene modification techniques in micro-gravity.
  • PRANET: Testing of propolis’ anti-bacterial properties.
  • VOKALKORD: Detection of illnesses with changes in voice frequency using AI.
  • OXYGEN SATURATION: Identification of diseases according to changes in oxygen levels in the lungs using AI.
  • MİYOKA: Soldering under micro-gravity conditions

Gezeravcı and Atasever are trained for each experiment they will conduct.

When origins are considered, Turkiye and Kazakhstan have the same Turkic origins. Four Kazakh cosmonauts went to space under different flags and citizenships.