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Turkiye to Join the Lunar Research Station Programme ILRS

Turkiye to Join the Lunar Research Station Programme ILRS

Russia revealed that Turkiye had registered to participate in the International Lunar Research Station (ILRS), which China and Russia are launching jointly. Anatoly Petrukovich, director of the Russian Academy of Sciences' Space Research Institute (RAS IKI), stated that Turkiye wants to join the International Lunar Research Station (ILRS), which Russia and China jointly lead. Turkiye will become the tenth member of the programme. Petrukovich stated that the future plans for the ILRS include establishing a collaborative data processing centre to consolidate critical information for lunar exploration. Furthermore, China and Russia have signed a cooperation agreement with their respective lunar projects, Chang'e-7 and Luna-26, to facilitate collaborative activities in orbit. The potential of constructing a nuclear reactor on the Moon is also being examined, according to Petrukovich. The basic version of the ILRS, which will be completed before 2028, will carry out lunar environment exploration and experiments, as well as verification of the use of lunar resources, whereas the improved version will be able to conduct Earth-moon space environment exploration and relevant scientific experiments, as well as the construction of a comprehensive constellation of Queqiao satellites, which will improve communication, navigation, and remote sensing capabilities. Venezueyou mentioned. Azerbaijan, Belarus, Egypt, Pakistan, South Africa, Thailand and Venezuela have expressed interest in the ILRS.

Turkiye will be the first NATO Country in the Programme. 

Turkiye's space program includes building its satellites and space launch capabilities. It also has a lunar exploration program that aims to make a hard landing on the lunar surface in 2026 to test key technologies.