UNAC Presents MUM-T with Rider UGV at Eurosatory

UNAC Presents MUM-T with Rider UGV at Eurosatory

French vehicle manufacturer UNAC presented its RIDER UGV as part of a manned-unmanned teaming concept by employing a UGV to support an infantry section. The company collaborated with Safran Electronics to equip the RIDER with autonomy functions. 

The MINEO medium-range multifunction camera is associated with the Arquus Hornet Lite remotely operated turret, which is equipped with a 7.62- or 5.56-mm machine gun. The French Armament Agency DGA awarded UNAC a contract in 2017 to prepare the RIDER [Rapide Intervention Droppable Equipment for Raiders], an airdroppable truck with a “high crossing capacity” armed with two 7.62 mm machine guns. Its trailer is qualified for carrying a payload of 400 kg. 

The airdroppable or carried under the helicopter sling RIDER was developed to allow paratroopers and special forces commandos to move quickly after being dropped at a safe distance from their intervention zone. Such a vehicle can also tow a 120 mm mortar, perform reconnaissance missions, or evacuate the wounded. UNAC proposes a new concept, the “robotic” trailer, to perform missions with airborne troops. The UGV RIDER can carry up to 800 kg of payload, including rations, water, fuel, and ammunition.