Will TUSAŞ continue the Göksungur Project with Ukraine?

Will TUSAŞ continue the Göksungur Project with Ukraine?

Oleksiy Arestovich, a freelance adviser to the head of the Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyy, stated that Ukraine would start producing a new generation of drones, including Turkish Aerospace (TUSAŞ) products. This was announced on December 11th during Arestovich’s interview with Radio Liberty.

Speaking about UAVs, Arestovich stated that they would be built near Vasylkiv. His words, however, included much more surprises than expected. He continued by saying that parts of TUSAŞ ANKA UAV’s will be produced here. Commenting on the main features of the ANKA vehicles, Arestovich said that we are talking about the jet, not piston, UAVs. The first batch of UAVs should be produced by the plant at the end of next year, Arestovich concluded.

Will TUSAŞ continue the Göksungur Project with Ukraine?

According to the Radio Liberty script, the conversation was;

“Arestovich - It’s a military secret, but they are somewhere nearby. But the plant is currently being built in Vasylkiv. A plant has already begun to be built, which will be produced jointly by Ukrainian-Turkish drones. Including “ANKA” - heavy drones. Including Ukrainian drones, which are promising. In particular, we can talk about jet drones, which are interceptors. That is, they are able to act against air targets, against other drones. Even against manned aircraft. They will be equipped with Ukrainian engines and other Turkish avionics: hull, etc.

Will TUSAŞ continue the Göksungur Project with Ukraine?

Journalist- Aren’t these “Bayraktar”?

Arestovich - These are not "Bayraktar ". This is the next generation…

Journalist - Even cooler?

Arestovich - Much cooler, yes. Jet, not piston, but jet. Although there will be such as “ANKA”, for example, difficult. UAV, which exceeds “Bayraktar” in all respects.

Journalist - When can we expect this plant to start operating?

Arestovich - At the end of 2022, it should publish the first products.”

Earlier, on November 12th, Ukrainian Defence Minister Oleksiy Reznikov said that the country would purchase from Turkey a new batch of Bayraktar attack drones for the needs of the country’s armed forces.

Will TUSAŞ continue the Göksungur Project with Ukraine?

On September 29th, the Bayraktar company and the Ukrainian Ministry of Defence signed an agreement on constructing a centre in the Kyiv region. They will conduct personnel training and test and service the Turkish Bayraktar UAVs. The press service of the office of the Ukrainian leader called the memorandum “a big real step forward.”

For the moment, there is no known ANKA UAV plan with a jet engine. However, the ANKA twin engine with piston engine version is called Aksungur. TUSAŞ is working on another UAV Göksungur. It is known that the ANKA twin engine with jet engine version will be called Göksungur. It is possible to consider that Arestovich’s words indicate the Göksungur UAV.

Will TUSAŞ continue the Göksungur Project with Ukraine?