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A Quadruped Robot Barak Enters Turkish Market

A Quadruped Robot Barak Enters Turkish Market

DPM-Tech Advanced Technology company cooperation brought ‘DEEP Robotics’ Barak model robot dog to Turkiye. The Barak robot dog can climb stairs, move in all kinds of terrain, and navigate in water, snow and ice; It can be used in many areas such as security, first response teams, search and rescue, firefighting, border security, construction survey, industrial applications, metal and mining, factories, power plants, the safety of pipelines, patrol and research duties. On the other hand, the Barak robot dog will be integrated into the user by the DPM-Tech company and put into service, sales, and after-sales.

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The dog has a 20 kg payload capacity. It can conduct 3D mapping and panoramic imaging. It has 5G communication, GPS, RTK and more modules. Barak can operate for over two hours with a payload of 20 kg and four hours without a payload. The Barak can be equipped with a depth-sensing camera and the laser radar coupled with an intelligent algorithm; the robot enables trackless autonomous navigation, dynamic obstacle avoidance, terrain recognition, and human-computer interaction.