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ACE Presents UAV One

ACE Presents UAV One
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The International Ukrainian Company ACE presents its UAV ACE ONE at the Arms and Security Expo in Kyiv. Oleksandr Los, Former president of Antonov, and Volodymyr Usov, former head of the State Agrarian University and a member of the International Academy of Cosmonautics, are aircraft developer.

They claim that "ACE ONE will be number one in the world in its class of light-duty drones." According to the video about ACE One, the UAV will have a maximum of 0.95 Mach max velocity, 7.5 tons maximum take-off weight, and 11-meter wing width. Its operational radius will be 1500 km. It will have a 950 kg payload capacity. It will have artificial intelligence onboard. The UAV will carry the payload in its body.

ACE Presents UAV OneThe UAV will carry air-to-air missiles to intercept UAVs and air-to-ground missiles to neutralise surface targets and guide ammunition for precise accuracy. The geometric shape of the UAV indicates that it will be stealthy.

ACE Presents UAV One