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Akşit: TEI will be anyhow in TF-X Engine Program

Akşit: TEI will be anyhow in TF-X Engine Program

Chairman of the board and CEO of TEI, Professor Mahmut Faruk Akşit, explained the company’s aircraft engine development program. He stated that if Turkish authorities decide to cooperate with Rolls-Royce, TEI will also take part in the program. Akşit reminded us that Turkiye wants to manufacture the engine locally, and TEI has the most prominent and most capable manufacture and test infrastructure.

Professor Akşit explained the most recent developments in the TS-1400 turboshaft helicopter engine, which will power up the Turkish Aerospace (TUSAŞ) Gökbey Utility helicopter. We asked about the possibility of using the same engine for the T-129 Atak Helicopter. Akşit stated that both helicopters use the same power class of engine, but the TS-1400 is made for civilian use. Akşit underlined that military and civilian grade engines have different requirements, whereas military one requires additional technology. Akşit said that TEI might overcome such a problem if asked.

TEI has also exhibited its PG50s engine in Azerbaijan for the first time. Akşit explained where and how it would be used.

You may watch the entire interview from the TurDef Youtube account.