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Akşit: TS1400 is a Breaking Point for Turkish Aviation

Akşit: TS1400 is a Breaking Point for Turkish Aviation

TurDef interviewed TUSAŞ Engine Industries CEO Professor Mahmut F. Akşit at Teknofest about the most recent engine developments. Akşit stated that a Turkish jet engine powered a manned aircraft for the first time. “Our jet turbine engines that we designed developed, manufactured, assembled and tested gave power to Turkish designed helicopter. We were able to complete a manned flight successfully. If it was an unmanned flight, we could have flown way earlier. Because it is a manned flight, it is subject to many airworthiness evaluations,” Akşit said.

He also stated that the TS1400 engine would fit into T129 to replace the LHTEC engine but could be preferred to be used at the T629 helicopter due to contract requirements. CEO Akşit stated that the engine was designed differently, but the design was updated to provide availability for military helicopters.

TF6000 engine will be ignited in 2023

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Akşit stated that TEI has two turbofan engines; TF6000 and TF10000. Both machines have the same core structure. This is why the programme goes hand in hand, and TEI hopes to ignite the TF6000 engine in 2023.

TF 6000 version was planned as a product, but the customers prefer TF 10000 more. TF 6000 will be a technology demonstrator programme, and if any customer desires it, it will also be a product. Potential customers for TF 10000 engines are KIZILELMA and ANKA-3 UAVs because both use Ukrainian engines.