ARES Shipyard Unveils ULAQ ASuW Armed USV

ARES Shipyard Unveils ULAQ ASuW Armed USV

The new configuration carries four ROKETSAN ÇAKIR cruise missiles with a range of 150+ km. This integration will be a big leap from the current eight km of UMTAS/CİRİT missiles to stand-off attack capability.

An image of ULAQ ASuW was previously spotted in 2022 during a speech by the ARES Shipyard's CEO Utku Alanç. ÇAKIR cruise missile wasn’t mentioned in this presentation. Thus, the full reveal of the design in WDS solidifies the plan to use ÇAKIR as the ULAQ family’s stand-off option.

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According to Naval News, ROKETSAN and ARES Shipyards are cooperating on integrating missiles, and the project is in the design phase.

ÇAKIR is a multi-service cruise missile that can be fitted with different warheads and seekers. The missile can be configured for launch from fighter jets, UAVs, USVs, warships, helicopters, and trucks. The missile, powered by Kale’s KTJ-1750 turbojet, was test-fired for the first time from Bayraktar AKINCI UCAV.

One or more ULAQ USVs fitted with ÇAKIR missiles can accompany fast attack craft that operate at ranges closer to current USVs by acting as additional firepower. For such a concept of operation, the control of USVs from the lead ship will likely be studied. ARES Shipyards expresses its interest in this concept from time to time, as observed in various renders of OPV and fast attack craft designs with ULAQ USVs.

ULAQ will be manufactured in different hull forms and fitted with different payloads. Currently, there are two types of hulls, the first being fitted with the ROKETSAN YALMAN/KMC weapon system, KORALP 12. 7 mm RCWS and METEKSAN’s electronic warfare system. The second hull type, also the one to be used by the ASuW configuration, revealed that it has water jet propulsion and an aft section for missiles, towed sonars, torpedoes, and UUVs.