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ASELFLIR-500 Set to Be Bayraktar TB3’s Eye

ASELFLIR-500 Set to Be Bayraktar TB3’s Eye

ASELSAN’s monthly newsletter included statements from the President of the Defence Industry Agency, Haluk Görgün, regarding the integration of ASELSAN’s sensors on Turkish UCAV platforms. Görgün stated that in addition to CATS (The previously developed electro-optical system for UAVs), ASELFLIR-500 will also be integrated into Bayraktar TB3, which is being developed for TCG ANADOLU LHD.tb3 at flight.jpg

The most significant improvements ASELFLIR-500 offers over CATS include 4096x2880 HD Day Camera, 1280x720 HD IR and SWIR cameras, increased laser designation range of 35 km, and reduced weight. ASELFLIR-500 is primarily intended for Tactical to MALE segment UAVs like Bayraktar TB2 and ANKA.

ASELSAN is also developing other types of Electro-Optical systems. Some of them include the larger ASELFLIR-600 intended for AKINCI and AKSUNGUR UCAVs; ASELFLIR R-410, which will be integrated into ROKETSAN’s KMC-U weapon system as a replacement for foreign Electro-Optical solution; and TOYGUN EOTS for National Fighter Jet KAAN and Bayraktar KIZILELMA Unmanned Combat Aircraft.