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ASELSAN Delivers MURAD Radar for AKINCI UCAV and F-16

ASELSAN Delivers MURAD Radar for AKINCI UCAV and F-16

Defence Industry Agency (SSB)’s 2023 Activity Report states that the first AESA radars to upgrade F-16 ÖZGÜR-standard fighter jets and provide air-to-air capability for AKINCI UCAVs have been delivered for integration.

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MURAD is a crucial component of ÖZGÜR modernisation programme, as the indigenous capability for upgrading air-to-air performance. The planned acquisition of the F-16 Block 70 upgrade package doesn’t include enough kits for the fleet, so the project is vital for keeping the fleet up-to-date.

AKINCI’s B and C variants, with significantly more powerful engines, will be able to provide the necessary power to the AESA radar.

The radar is also set to be used on HÜRJET-C light combat aircraft and KIZILELMA unmanned combat aircraft.

MURAD is a multi-function AESA radar for air platforms with air-to-air, air-to-surface, electronic warfare, and SAR capabilities. The radar’s Gallium Nitride architecture provides the opportunity for high energy density compared to previous AESA architectures.

ASELSAN is developing the more advanced BÜRFİS for KAAN fighter jet, which will be a suite of radars distributed throughout the fighter jet. In addition to the nose, there will be radar arrays on the cheeks and tail of the KAAN fighter jet for 360-degree situational awareness.