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ASELSAN Developing Modernisation for Argentinian MEKO 360 Destroyers

ASELSAN Developing Modernisation for Argentinian MEKO 360 Destroyers

Argentina-based defence publication Zona Militar reports some components used in the recent Turkish Barbaros-class (MEKO 200 TN-II) frigate modernisation project. Argentinian Commander of the Sea Fleet, Rear Admiral Carlos María Allievi, expressed an interest in MEKO360 modernisation, stating that technological changes are needed to recover the capabilities of the ageing MEKO360 destroyers just like with MEKO 140 corvettes.

TCG OruçReis F245 TurDef.jpg

ASELSAN has recently upgraded the first Barbaros-class frigate, TCG Oruçreis (F245), of the Barbaros MLU project. Sea trials of TCG Oruçreis began in November 2023, and the vessel is expected to be in the inventory soon.

The upgrade includes many external and internal changes to the ship, such as HAVELSAN’s ADVENT CMS, integration of ATMACA anti-ship missiles, replacement of 25 mm Sea Zenith CIWS on the bow with the indigenous 35 mm GÖKDENİZ CIWS, MAR-D surveillance radar (In place of the foreign AWS-06 Dolphin), and ARES-2 family of EW systems. 

This proposal isn’t the first for MEKO 360 design from Turkiye. In June 2023, Dearsan signed a deal to modernise the only MEKO 360 operated by the Nigerian Navy, NNS Aradu.