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Baykar Joins FIDAE 2024 in Chile

Baykar Joins FIDAE 2024 in Chile (Photo Credit Ruben Pizarro @r_pizarro_p X)

Baykar has put AKINCI UCAV and Bayraktar TB2 armed UAV with the Chilean flag and roundel on display in the FIDAE 2024 exhibition organised in Chile. The models’ Chilean flag and roundel indicate that Chile has either shown interest in the UAVs or given orders. Local media coverage has discovered some of Baykar’s customers on multiple occasions. Both platforms have been put on display with info boxes that include munition options. Baykar has not made a statement nor returned TurDef’s question concerning one of the systems displayed at the Expo. 

(Photo Credit Ruben Pizarro @r_pizarro_p X)

Bayraktar TB2’s info box included one item that resembles ROKETSAN’s SUNGUR MANPADS air-to-air version in a single pod for the first time. Ammunition and missile names were not included in the info box. The same single pod was included in Bayraktar TB3’s info box during the UCAV’s exhibition in WDS 2024, Saudi Arabia. Alongside SUNGUR, KEMANKEŞ jet-powered loitering munition, and MAM-L IIR were also present. Bayraktar AKINCI’s case with SUNGUR differs as it will use twin-tube pods thanks to higher payload capacity. A deal was signed to integrate SUNGUR missiles on AKINCI and Bayraktar TB2 UAVs in the SAHA EXPO 2022 exhibition. UCAVs armed with short-range air defence missiles can conduct small-scale air patrols for long durations if they can be networked to ground radars such as KALKAN-II and ERALP. With the target profile of missiles like SUNGUR in mind, this can be employed against helicopters and medium to large-sized UAVs. Additionally, AKINCI is set to receive GÖKDOĞAN and BOZDOĞAN air-to-air missiles following the integration of MURAD AESA Radar.