BİTES Aims Export Markets

BİTES Aims Export Markets

BİTES Defence and Aerospace Technologies General Manager Uğur Coşkun shared information about the company's future plans. According to Coşkun, BİTES aims to have a place in export markets.

The company, which mostly procures products for the domestic market, turned its face to export. Coşkun noted that the BİTES provides the necessary solution to security and armed forces units and will be on the market with new projects in the global market in the near future.

Uğur Coşkun also paid attention to the importance of information on the battlefield. General Manager also said that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming essential for combat zone to process gathered information into a valuable asset and reduce the mission load of soldiers. In this line, the BİTES developed ATOK (Askerî Taktik Operasyon Kiti / Military Tactical Operation Kit) for future forces. Equipment contains wearable technologies and field tested by Turkish Gendarmerie and Special Forces Units. Qualification efforts of ATOK has been completed, and the kit has become ready for serial production. The first products will be expected for the General Directorate of Security Special Task Force.

The importance of wearable technologies is increasing on the battlefield. Few countries are carrying out research and development procedures in this line. Turkiye is aiming to catch this capability in time. ATOK product of BİTES, one of these companies, is demanded by other countries, according to General Manager.

BİTES Aims Export Markets

Many western manufacturers sometimes hesitate to export their defence products, especially to various African regions. Countries in question have to prefer Eastern systems or procure products that cannot meet NATO standards. At this point, Turkiye is a very strong African supplier in terms of production in NATO standards, low cost and high-level regional relations. The country will likely expand its market soon and strengthen its hand in procuring NATO-standard products that fulfil the military requirements of countries that are having issues acquiring western products.