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ÇAKIR Cruise Missile Hits Sea Target with IIR Seeker

ÇAKIR Cruise Missile Hits Sea Target with IIR Seeker

The missile reached a speed of 800 km/h or roughly Mach 0.67 in flight. The test marks another milestone with using an IIR seeker on the missile for the first time. ÇAKIR was fired for the first time from AKINCI in May 2023.
There are three types of seekers in total planned for ÇAKIR: IIR, RF, and Hybrid, combining the two.
IIR seekers for cruise missiles detect the image and heat of the target, providing better discrimination and resistance to jamming/clutter compared to RF seekers. These seekers can identify ground and sea targets, so they provide a multi-role capability.

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Up to four or five (with the central hardpoint) ÇAKIR cruise missiles can be carried by AKINCI UCAV. With a maximum range of 150+ km, ÇAKIR will be one of the primary stand-off munitions for AKINCI UCAV.
The missile is planned to be used on ground platforms, fighters, maritime patrol aircraft, USVs, warships, and UCAVs. ARES Shipyards previously unveiled the ASuW configuration of ULAQ AUSV to carry four ÇAKIR cruise missiles. Additionally, ROKETSAN’s BARBAROS coastal defence system will use ÇAKIR as the secondary missile alongside the land-based ATMACA anti-ship missile.