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Civil Company Aspirant to Train Pilot Cadets

Civil Company Aspirant to Train Pilot Cadets

Airways Aviation Group, a flight school with training bases in Europe and Africa, plans to increase its investments in the Turkish civil and military aviation market. Since the creation of its Turkish base last year, the company has been offering EASA Ground school, PPL and ATPL civil aviation training to international and local Turkish cadets. Airways Aviation Turkiye is preparing to enter the military training market.

At Airways Aviation Turkiye, we would like to gear up our efforts by training foreign cadets in Turkiye. We are aiming to add military pilot training to our programs,” said Dogukan Akturk – Airways Aviation Turkiye – CEO. “Our Turkish partner NorthFly Flight Academy is already involved in some military training programs in Turkiye, and adding the expertise of Airways Aviation Group in military training will put us in an excellent position to provide the best quality of training in all aviation fields”, CEO Akturk added.

Airways Aviation Group has already trained military pilots of many European, Middle Eastern and African armed forces. Airways Aviation France is training the German Air force partnering with CAE Defence and Security.

Airways Aviation Turkiye was established in 2021. Besides its efforts in pilot training, the company has also started a collaboration with Haliç University on an aviation project. The company and the Continuing Education and Application Research Center of the university are collaborating to offer modular ATPL and drone pilot training courses.