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Deadly Indigenous Fish to Turkish Submarines

Deadly Indigenous Fish to Turkish Submarines

Turkey has test-launched an indigenous heavy torpedo, Akya.

Presidency of Defence Industries, which is the main state agency for Turkish Defence Industry, announced a new milestone for Akya indigenous heavy torpedo. In the social media post, agency mentioned "Indigenous Heavy Weight-Class Akya passed another mileston. We planning to deliver Akya to Turkish navy, which launched from TCG Gur (S 357) submarine successfully in this year."

Inert torpedo used for trial.

Akya heavy-torpedo is in 533 millimeters diameter and weighs approximately 1200 kilograms. It can reach 15 km range with 40 knots speed and propelled with battery-driven coaxial propellers. Torpedo can be used with both active homing mode or guidance via fibre-optic wire. System is equipped with active/passive sonar, magnetic proximity sensor and wake homing sensor also. Estimated warhead weight of fish is 350-380 kilograms and can be used both Anti-Surface Warfare (ASuW) and Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) purposes. Torpedo is expected to use as primary weapon for Turkish Submarine Fleet.

Deadly Indigenous Fish to Turkish Submarines

Akya leaving torpedo tube of the Turkish Navy Type 209/1400 class submarine; TCG Gur (S 357)