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Elbit to sell Hermes 900 UAS to Thai Navy

Elbit to sell Hermes 900 UAS to Thai Navy

Elbit Systems Ltd. announced on September 28th that it had been awarded a US$120 million contract to supply Hermes 900 Unmanned Seaborne Systems (UAS) and training equipment to the Royal Thai Navy. The contract will run for three years.

Elbit Systems will provide the Royal Thai Navy with Hermes 900 Maritime UAS, which has maritime radar, electro-optical payload, satellite communications, jettisonable life rafts and other capabilities. Thai Navy will use the Hermes 900 Maritime UAS to conduct blue-water and coastal operations, command vast sea areas and long coastlines, communicate with mission ships and perform civilian tasks such as search and rescue operations at sea to identify suspicious activities and potential dangers.


Takeoff weight1,180 Kg
Max Payload350 Kg
EnduranceUp to 36 h
Service Ceiling30,000 ft